Finding a title for a blog was a difficult task for me. I don’t find myself to be a very “out-of-the-box” thinker, and everything I came up with sounded so corny or just a mishmash of words.

I settled on “Blooming Canvases” because of a concept that has been floating around in my mind for several years. Before we had children, I always told my husband that I was excited to become a mother because I felt that children were blank canvases, and as their parents we have such an amazing opportunity to “paint” on those canvases, and to help them paint the story of their lives.

Obviously, and sometimes unfortunately, we are not the only painters on these canvases – and that is where the responsibility of parenthood comes in. Can we give our children the tools to prevent something from marring the painting, or to change the parts of the painting they don’t like into something that they do? And what exactly are those tools? And how do we show them how to be positive painters on others’ canvases?

Well, I certainly don’t claim to have the answers. What I’ve discovered from the day our first was born is that there really is no single answer anyway. With the birth of our second and third children, that discovery has been revisited over and over.

So, beyond waxing philosophical, the purpose of this blog is to share a few things with whoever happens to find me:

– the discoveries I’ve come across from being a parent
– ways to survive this marathon of parenthood
– products and services that I’ve used, both the good and the bad*
– the odd recipe or craft idea  (again, I’m not the most creative person!)

Feel free to leave comments and/or suggestions! One of the things I’ve come to value as a parent are the ideas from other parents from different cultures and backgrounds. You just never know when you might learn something that could change the way you do things!

* Disclaimer: No one is paying me. The companies/products/services that I’ll choose to write about will be ones that I have experience with – they likely have no idea who I am or really care what I have to say.


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