Parenting: a big experiment


One of the things I marvel at almost daily since becoming a mother is that there are so many different choices to be made: parenting styles, products, where your baby will sleep, breastfeeding or formula… You name it – just about every aspect of parenting has a gazillion options. Because of the numerous choices and how different each child is,  I find parenting tends to feel somewhat like a science experiment.

One such experiment for me has been in the area of diapering. Due to a horrible reaction to the (then new) Pamper’s DryMax diapers with my first, I went on a quest to find the perfect diaper, and two children later, I’ve yet to come up with an answer. I have tried everything from the “all natural” disposables, to hybrid systems, to all out cloth diapering. Sometimes I would find a brand of disposables that I would love, only to find that as soon as we moved up a size, that brand no longer worked as well or had as good of a fit. I’m finding with our third baby that I am very sensitive to the chemical smell of disposables when they get wet, so the diapers we’d been pleased with before are really bothering me now.

Another aspect of our lives that I’ve been experimenting with is the elimination of BPA from our diets. I realize there are many chemicals that we consume, and some may feel that reducing/removing BPA is an odd choice, but I have my reasons for this being the main chemical that I focus on removing from our lives. Part of this particular experiment has involved getting rid of all canned foods* and using either fresh or frozen options. As someone who hasn’t had a ton of experience with cooking, this was initially very challenging for me, but I think we’ve become a much healthier family for this experiment (and we’re still working on it!).

In future posts, I hope to talk a bit more about my experiences and trials of cloth diapering, and also ways I’ve been able to reduce our BPA exposure.

* There are a very small number of food items sold in cans that don’t contain BPA – but they do exist!


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