The Wonder Weeks


Have you ever come across a book or web site that sheds light on some aspect of your life? I found that in The Wonder Weeks. In my case, it turned out to be an iPhone (iPod) app, but there’s also a web site and a book you can get if those are your preferred methods of getting information.

The Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks

What is The Wonder Weeks? Well, it’s a great source of information about what your baby goes through developmentally in the first year of life, and can explain why somethings things seem to be going so smoothly and then all the sudden your baby is super fussy, clingy, and won’t sleep well for a few days. Not all growth spurts are physical – this app details the mental growth spurts, or leaps, that happen in the first year.

As an example, my son is currently 13.5 weeks old. This app bases the leaps off of the age your baby would be if they were born on their due date, so that would put my son at 10.5 weeks. As I’ve been following the app, I’ve noticed instead of being 3 weeks behind, he’s hitting these leaps about 2 weeks behind – so I’m going to go with 11.5 weeks – we’ll see if he continues to follow that pattern.

So what does that mean for him right now? That means he’s coming up on the leap called “Smooth Transitions“- and the best description of this comes from the Wonder Weeks web site: “Your baby’s world is becoming a more organized place as he discovers the constant, flowing changes around him.” Physically, his movements are becoming less jerk-y/robotic looking, and more fluid and purposeful. He’s also noticing changes in things – like changes in voice pitch, or the lightness and dimness of different rooms.

I’ve been so fascinated to follow along with this app with my two girls and now again starting over with my son because it’s been so accurate at showing what’s coming next, what to expect behavior-wise, and also giving tips on what activities can help them with these transitions. I’ve recommended the app to many of my friends with new babies, and the feedback has been super positive, so I wanted to share it here too!


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