What will you do today?


What we do today makes a difference in tomorrow. Yeah, it sounds a bit corny and even cliché – but I really believe it’s true – from every-day-little-things to the big-you’re-a-hero kinds of acts.

We saw a lot of those hero acts yesterday in Boston. That’s all I really want to say about what happened yesterday – it was terrible but a lot of good showed through the bad, and that’s what we should focus on. Let law enforcement focus on getting whoever did this, and our courts can focus on bringing justice.

Just as important as those hero acts are the little things we do every day. I’m reminded of this daily with my children – slip up once with a word you don’t want them repeating, and you’ll be hearing it for a week or so until the novelty dies down! This is just a trivial example; however, small things add up. It’s a heavy weight of responsibility as a parent!

We can see examples everywhere of people focusing on themselves. Drive down any highway and you’re likely to see someone texting or distracted in some other way while they’re driving. Social media tends to be filled with people making status updates complaining about something. Commercials on television are constantly trying to convince us to buy a product to make us look better, smell better, do-something-better.

So before I get lost in thinking about how horrible it seems  humanity is becoming… I want to make a point to every day think of at least ONE thing I can do to make tomorrow (or even today) better for someone else – and I want to involve my children in it so they learn to do the same thing. One thing shouldn’t be too hard, right?

What will you do today?


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