Quick meal #1: Ham, veggies and rolls


This quick, simple meal that has saved us from a fast-food run several times since the birth of our son.

What you’ll need:

– Ham steak
– Pillsbury crescent rolls
– Mixed veggies (butter, salt and pepper)

With only three ingredients, you can probably see why this is so quick!

I get my ham steaks in packs of three at Costco, but they’re also at Walmart (I’ve seen two-packs there). You can get them with or without bones. My mixed veggies are usually frozen, purchased from Walmart (BirdsEye brand). We go through a lot, so I prefer the big bags, especially the ones with the zip seal. As for the crescent rolls, these can obviously be any kind of dinner roll, but we love the crescents and they’re fun for the girls to help roll up before baking. The Pillsbury 2-packs are cheaper than the GreatValue brand at Walmart.

I usually start by running hot water in the sink to thaw the ham steak. If you’re better prepared than I, you can skip this step and probably save 5 minutes or so. I then move on to preheating the oven for the rolls.

My girls love to help me roll up the crescent rolls, so while the ham steak is thawing and the oven is preheating, we’re over at the table having some fun with the rolls.

The rolls take 12-15 minutes in the oven, and while they’re baking, I get the frozen veggies cooking in the microwave for about 4-5 minutes. Once they’re done, we add about a tablespoon of butter, some salt and pepper, and let that sit, covered, for the 5-7 minutes the ham steak is in the microwave.

That’s pretty much it. If you’re not having children help you with the process, you may even be able to squeak in some time to cut up some fresh fruit!


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